Whimsical mixed media girl lesson by Andrea Gomoll  (Life Book 2017 Week 32) from Willowing Arts

Such an amazing lesson by Andrea Gomoll!  (Life Book 2017 Week 32) I had so much fun creating this and I love the final results!  I would've never thought this up in my own mind. lol   I'm learning so much in Life Book this year.  If you want to learn to create whimsical  art like this you may want to sign up for Life Book, or one of the other amazing courses available.  I'm so happy I took the plunge this year!  

Sign up for Life Book!     

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  1. Question for you: I am looking at Lifebook for 2018. This is the second post you have done about faces. I don't do people in my artwork. So wondering how much of Lifebook is about faces. I can only come up with so many alternatives. I love your faces, just has never been something I wanted to include in my own work. thanks as always for sharing.

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    2. Hi, Theresa. =) I'd say Life Book is probably 15-20% faces. There are several different teachers that do all kinds of lessons. It's really cool. =)